Treated me like family

I am happily celebrating the purchase of my new home all thanks to Mr. Manus! The level of service Mr. Manus provided resembled that of a family member more than a business provider. The care he took to make sure my experience in home buying was successful and executed properly and professionally was beyond expectation. He caught details in documents as specific as a misplaced vowel in my middle name. He offered over the phone and in-person counsel and instruction for every document I received, made sure I understood, and took the time to explain that which I did not. When certain steps in the closing of my home needed renavigation due to circumstances far outside the responsibilities of Mr. Manus, he stepped up to the plate not only to make sure they were handled, but did so in a way that made it seamless and stress free for me. He even followed up with contact information and resources for my future use in my new home neighborhood. Mr. Manus truly made me feel like he treated the purchase of my own home as he would for a member of his own family. My brother recommended Mr. Manus to me after his own home purchase. Likewise, I would recommend Mr. Manus to my nearest and dearest with utmost confidence.

— Tiffani Metcalf