Operated in my best interest

Ed is the best realtor on the planet, and I am so unbelievably grateful that I worked with him in my successful Arlington, VA condo purchase. I signed a buyer’s agent agreement with him, and I felt like he advocated for my best interest at every step in the process. At the very beginning of my search, he really took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for. It was extremely clear at that meeting how knowledgeable he is about the market, real estate laws, and the home buying process. As a first-time buyer in a very competitive market, I was extremely grateful for this. He was very thorough in explaining every step in the process and all the language in every document that needed signing. Ed was extremely responsive to texts, calls, and emails throughout the process, and he was patient and helpful with my many, many questions! We looked at 13 properties over a two-day period, and he made this whirlwind tour extremely smooth. I brought my mom with me to look at units, and Ed was just and kind, helpful, and patient with her as he was to me. Two instances stick out during the home search. At one ground-level condo, Ed looked at the side of the front door and saw evidence of a prior potential break-in and immediately brought it to my attention; I never would have even thought to look at the side of the door. I was so thankful he pointed this out. In another unit, he stood outside and pushed the elevator button so I could assess how noisy it would be in the unit. Again, something I never would have thought to do. It was clear he operated in my best interest at every step and really knew the little (and big) things to look for that would impact my quality of life living in these places. In the midst of writing an offer on one property, I had a change of heart, and I asked Ed to write an offer on a different place. Despite this being increased work for him, he was incredibly supportive of the change and expressed on multiple occasions that his primary goal was for me to be happy and comfortable with my choice. Ed is a master negotiator, and in an insanely competitive market, he got me an amazing deal on an incredible condo in Arlington; I seriously don’t know how he worked so much magic! Even after the contract was ratified, Ed came through time and time again with awesome referrals for contractors, lenders, title agencies, and local knowledge of restaurants, hardware stores, etc. I had some challenges with my mortgage lender at one point, and Ed reached out to them, and the process was smooth sailing ever since. I highly recommend using any ancillary service he recommends, because all of his recommendations were spot on and wonderful to work with. Ed also did a great job decreasing my stress during this process by managing everything he could behind the scenes, looping me in when needed, and immediately sharing any important updates. I could go on for pages and pages, but honestly, succinctly, Ed is THE BEST, and I am very grateful to him. I never want to buy another home without him, and I’d highly recommend him to absolutely everyone I know who has real-estate needs in the DC, MD, VA area. 

— Annie Wildermuth